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We provide intelligent parcel sorting system solution with suitable configuration and smart project design according to your requirements.

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We provide on-site support within 72 hours.

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With remote control software, we can provide online guidance and maintenance.

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Main Driving Mode
The change of driving belt from poly-V belt to synchronous belt helps to control the speed precisely, and improve the stability at the same time.
Main Power
Wrapped with several pieces of synchronous belt, the motor power makes the conveyor go smoothly with less shaking, which helps to solve the existing problems of parcel stall, parcel skipping and parcel overlap.
Sorting Belt
The synchronous belt is made from 32mm wide seamless rubber; one belt can bear 100KGS, and four belts bear up to 400KGS. The lifetime of belt is up to 2 years.
We use ethcan transfer technology which helps to reduce the transfer time from 100ms to 4ms, the whole module communication time is 25 times faster than original one, and the sorting capacity improves from 2500pcs to 4200pcs per hour.
Separated Design
The design changes from full cabinet to drawer, the main part and four legs can be separated. The separate design helps it to be sued in other scene. Without the legs, the main part can be used in other sorting system such as hanging rail sorting system.
The drawer design
The drawer design makes the module smaller, elegant and better for maintenance.

Youmingxin Technology
We focus on irregular parcel sorting modules

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